Currently, in the UK, approximately 16% of adults with autism are in full-time paid employment. Workplaces should be accessible to all. People with autism have many skills that can be beneficial to the employer.

When small adaptations are made to the working environment, employers reap the rewards of loyal employees.  


Staff at The Autism Apprentice CIC can help employers by:

  • Offering tailored advice to support successful employment.
  • Ongoing support, after an initial consultation, we can conduct meetings via Skype for your convenience.
  • Future services will include a recruitment service, where we aim to match your requirements for a specific skill set to our list of candidates.
  • Adapting public spaces to make them more accessible to those on the autism spectrum.
  • Guidance on interview techniques, how to help prepare and put potential candidates at ease.

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The Autism Apprentice CIC is registered in England and Wales. Company number: 12025031