Home support

As parents of children with additional needs ourselves, we understand and know all too well how demanding, frustrating, challenging, draining and yet rewarding home life can be when faced with some of the difficulties every day life throws at us.  Progress can feel slow and some days we can feel like the only person going through the challenges we face and become isolated.

We can offer you a bespoke service, individualised to your requirements.  You can be assured that you are working with other parents and are not being judged, as we can often feel.   

We have vast experience in:

  • anxiety
  • challenging behaviour
  • poor sleep
  • routines
  • sensory difficulties
  • school refusal
  • working with professionals and other agencies, including health and social care.

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Many parent/carers suspect their child/young person may have autism long before they actually receive a diagnosis. The road to diagnosis is sadly often a long one and it can be a particularly isolating time for those trying to help and understand.  This is a crucial time to start implementing strategies that can really help your family.

We can help to support you, listen to you, offer advice and work with the professionals involved, plus if you want to, we can put you in contact with other families who have been or who are going through the same difficulties.

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