Autism Apprentice Tutors

Our provision meets the needs of unique individuals with Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) or have autistic tendencies linked with mental health and sensory concerns.

We are offering a tutoring experience for learners in a home environment which will enable engagement with learning initially and our aim is to support learners back into full time education with our continued support for that reintegration process.

The values that shape our provision are respect, integrity and acceptance.

We offer a limited curriculum which is focussed on English and Mathematics, Personal and Social Development and about the development of character and emotional resilience for life. Those learners who are in Key Stage 4 or 5 will be able to access Employability and Preparation for Work.

Our Community Interest Company is pioneering the accessibility for SEND learners to the community in which they live and the commitment and dedication provided by staff will be to ensure that no child or young person does not have a positive outcome from working with Autism Apprentice Tutors.

The Provision offers a range of mental health and wellbeing therapies and has a holistic approach to working with children and young people in order that their needs can be met.

We believe it is important for learners to achieve their full potential and importance is placed upon the whole person's development at each and every stage. All achievements are celebrated with bespoke rewards which are meaningful and respectful of the child or young persons wishes. There is a caring yet purposeful atmosphere which provides a measured level of challenge academically which considers the motivation and emotional resilience of the individual. There is a balance of focus between welfare and achievement for all.

Autism Apprentice Tutors Provision aims are:

  • To provide an aspirational educational provision which prepares learners for their key transitions and preparation for adulthood.
  • To create a safe and purposeful learning environment where learners can build safe and trusting relationships.
  • To give children and young people the best opportunities to build skills for life within a planned programme of work in order that they can access further education, employment and training in the future.
  • To remove disadvantage and to ensure that reasonable adjustments and special considerations (access arrangements) are in place to support the programme.
  • To promote independence by teaching key skills in Social communication, emotional regulation, social interaction and self-care and independence.
  • To provide learners’ with the skills they need to lead a happy and content lives, through a balanced focus on the person and academic progress.
  • To promote positive behaviour, responses and strategies to cope with change and challenge in life.
  • Working in partnership with Autism Apprentice, future employers, housing and other educational provisions in order to promote shared responsibility between specialists, staff and parent and carers.

Our children or young people

  • Are aged between 6 years and 25 years of age
  • Have an Educational Health Care Plan with a diagnosis of ASC or autistic traits which include sensory, communication and social difficulties
  • We believe all children are unique, especially those with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC)

Our Learning Zones

  • Are in home based learning situations with one to two students working together at the same levels of academic ability with a tutor or a tutor and HLTA (when two students are attending together). The provision will include access to a cooking area, social area as well as a therapy room.
  • Learning zones are available in one hour intervals, which are broken down into learning sessions of 15 minutes each, maximising learning and enabling movement breaks.

Our Tutors and Therapists

  • Are qualified teachers who have all completed designated safeguarding lead training, and are specialist ASC qualified and experienced tutors from Primary through to post 19 provisions.
  • Our HLTAs are all qualified to Level 3 (or working towards) in Specialist Classroom Support and have experience of working with ASC
  • Our Emotional Wellbeing Tutors have a comprehensive range of Mental Health and Wellbeing qualifications and training in order to support the needs of learners, and all have experience of working with SEND/ASC.

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The Autism Apprentice CIC is registered in England and Wales.  

Registered office: 8 Twisleton Court, Priory Hill, Dartford, Kent DA1 2EN
Company number: 12025031