These are just a few of the many testimonials received. Please check our social media for others.

  • "Sarah was amazing. I had given up hope, tired of fighting the battle, but they have helped me pick up my weapons, ready to win the war!!"

  • "Thank you so much for actually understanding what we are going through. For the first time I no longer feel alone."

  • "Thank you, for your support so far and I look forward to speaking with you again soon."

  • "Amazing ladies with so much knowledge. I will forever be thankful for everything they have done for me and my family."

  • "The ladies at The Autism Apprentice are so knowledgeable and caring. They listen to all your concerns, explain processes so they're easily understood, and provide invaluable information that is needed by families who feel they have no one else to turn to. With their support and advice I feel better prepared to support my child going through the autism diagnosis assessments."

  • "I never feel judged when speaking to Sarah.  They have become part of the family!!"

  • "Lovely to feel you are not alone in it all, thank you."

  • "Sarah was incredibly helpful, friendly and approachable.  They were incredibly accommodating and rearranged my meeting to fit into the timescales of the EHCP being issued."

  • "Sarah was really great. Given the current situation during the pandemic they have found a way to still contact with people and give them the support they desperately need. They never made me feel judged or feel like I have failed my children. They were informative and empathetic and gave me a clear path forward. I have recommended them to a friend who is facing similar concerns and I'm sure she will be provided the excellent service I received."

  • "Had a brilliant, supportive and very pleasant chat. Made to feel at ease and they could relate to me so well. A pair of fantastic ladies, doing a wonderful job."

  • "After my chat with Sarah, I realise that the concerns and failings that I feel are shared by so many other parents, which is so reassuring. My daughter benefitted from it too and she got quite excited about some of the suggestions! What a valuable resource this is and long may it continue and be supported."

  • "Work places should be accessible to all. But as an employer it's hard to have all the skills and knowledge you need to adapt the working environment to support employees with differing needs. Being able to call upon the expertise of the team at The Autism Apprentice has been invaluable. Their advice and support has enabled us to make small changes that have created a constructive working environment in which our staff (with autism) can reach their maximum potential."

  • "They are very helpful, kind and gave a lot of great information and I am happy I have met them"

  • "Outstanding advice and support.  So pleased we found this support system.  Ladies were extremely helpful.'

  • "I felt the lady understood me and my situation, because she is a parent, I felt she could relate to my circumstances."

  • "Amazing! I finally feel that somebody understood my situation."

  • "Virtual sessions from Sarah  have meant that they can continue to support our family during the pandemic! Every other service has stopped or been heavily delayed, but Sarah continued and it has been a god send!! I would have felt very alone without their virtual support. I personally would find it more difficult with face to face appointments as I work so the time I do have off is busy with other appointments! I have not found their service and the support they provided affected at all by the pandemic and having to be virtual.
    it benefits us because it also means my husband can virtually join the meeting from work which wouldn’t be possible if they were face to face."

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