Private consultancy service

We appreciate not everybody is available around the typical working week, and unfortunately grant funding is not available to all areas in Kent.

As parents of children with additional needs ourselves, we understand and know all too well how demanding, frustrating, challenging, draining and yet rewarding home life can be when faced with some of the difficulties every day life throws at us. Progress can feel slow and some days we can feel like the only person going through the challenges we face and become isolated.

We offer a private consultancy service by telephone or via Zoom (video call) at a mutually convenient time. We can discuss any aspect of your child relating to autism (both pre and post diagnosis), talk over any concerns you may have and help you to identify a clear path moving forwards. We can assist with strategies, interventions and understanding by family support advisors who have lived experience of many conditions. You can be assured that you are working with other parents and are not being judged, as we can often feel.

We have vast experience in:

  • anxiety
  • challenging behaviour
  • poor sleep
  • routines
  • sensory difficulties
  • emotional based school refusal and difficulties around homework/home learning
  • working with professionals and other agencies, including health and social care
  • difficulties around food
  • communication difficulties
  • toileting difficulties
  • diagnosis and understanding how your family may be affected
  • conditions that run alongside an autism diagnosis, such as ADHD.


Many parent/carers suspect their child/young person may have autism long before they actually receive a diagnosis. The road to diagnosis is sadly often a long one and it can be a particularly isolating time for those trying to help and understand. This is a crucial time to start implementing strategies that can really help your family.

We can help to support you, listen to you, offer advice and work with the professionals involved, plus if you want to, we can put you in contact with other families who have been or who are going through the same difficulties.



Many parent/carers find the application process for an Education Health Care Plan (a legal document clearly explaining your child's needs and intervention required) complicated and overwhelming. Some require some extra support to navigate this system successfully and some families need someone else to help them through the entire process from application right through to the appeal system if required. As a team, we have successfully applied for, checked and settled not only our own but many young people into the correct provision, whether that be mainstream, a resource provision/unit or a specialist setting. 

  • Understanding the paperwork relating to your child.
  • Give you guidance on the Education Health Care Plan process, in order for you to write a strong case for your child's assessment.
  • Complete a detailed Education Health Care Plan application on your behalf, to presenting a cohesive argument, to ensure you have the best possible outcome for your child.
  • Help you to complete a strong case for an appeal and the necessary paperwork.
  • Go through your Education Health Care Plan to ensure it has been written correctly, and all of the evidence and interventions are included in the plan.
  • Support you in an Annual Review.
  • Liaising with the Special Educational Needs department on your behalf.
  • Finding a suitable school for your child/young person and help you to establish the questions to ask when looking.
  • Assisting with transitions between educational stages.
  • What to look for in a university placement and successful transition into this stage of independence.
  • We support employers by explaining the impact on a person with autism in the workplace and what adjustments could be made to maximise a successful career.

We charge an hourly fee at very reasonable rates for our consultancy service. 

Please contact us for further information.

Telephone: 0300 011 0300

The Autism Apprentice CIC is registered in England and Wales.
Company number: 12025031